Crypto reddit markets

crypto reddit markets

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crypto traders be like...
K subscribers in the kucoin community. Find the next crypto gem on, People's Exchange. I agree that stock market is well established and much safer. There is a lot we can learn from stock investing, such as valuation, understanding. r/CryptoMarkets: A community for news and discussion about cryptocurrency finance.
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    account_circle Yozshuzahn
    calendar_month 13.09.2020
    It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.
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Additionally, crypto companies can use Reddit to break news about their projects or new releases. Schedule Your Posts: Posting during peak times can increase visibility. Alexis Ohanian predicts a brighter, cleaner future for cryptocurrencies, and sees bitcoin as a modern-day version of gold. All-time low Jun 13, 8 months ago. They can be brand loyalists or people likely to convert into users or investors.